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Where does cashmere fiber come from? A natural fiber, cashmere from Mongolia is the finest in the world. Mongolian goats must endure extreme weather conditions, freezing winters and dry, hot summers. Nature supplies the answer with a layered, downy coat of supple fleece providing insulation in the winter. In the spring, this overcoat of long, coarse guard hairs is combed to expose the fine cashmere fiber underneath. No animal is harmed in any way to produce our cashmere. Keepers comb and shear the cashmere goat just before it would naturally shed in the springtime. The highest quality cashmere can only be produced under the exact, natural, genetic, climatic, indigenous conditions that exist in Mongolia. Cashmere yarns produced here are the most sought after in the world. An extraordinary characteristic of cashmere is durability. Cashmere fibers remain unchanged with the challenge of time and improve with age. You may Dry Clean or Hand Wash. However long your day, comfort need not be far away. Our cashmere throws are woven by hand from the same factories as fancy Italian Luxury Brands. "The new luxury is about simplicity. Luxury is about memory and rest, rather than complexity and excess. It's about buying well and taking care of the things you cherish and admire."  50% Cashmere, 50% Fine Wool   50" x 65" plus 6" fringe

Pur Cashmere
6" Fringe
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