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Astra Pillow


We call this pillow our “workhorse” because it is firm, it takes a beating and, it is machine washable.  Great for the kids, a college dorm or the guest room.  All cotton shell.  We specify a FIRM consistence.  The Astra pillow is available in the following sizes:
Standard Size (20X26):  Looks great on any size bed
Queen Size (20X30):  Fits perfectly, two across a Queen size bed – which is 60” wide
King Size (20X36):  Fits perfectly, two across a King size bed – which is 78” wide
European Square (may also be called Continental) (26X26):  Perfect on any size bed, looks great and functional for lounging against
Boudoir (may also be called Baby) (12X16):  A great accent piece(Please note shell design may vary with available fabrics)

100% Polyester Fill
See Manufacturer's Laundering Instructions
In stock
  • Standard (+$23.00)
  • Queen (+$28.50)
  • King (+$32.50)
  • European (+$30.50)
  • Boudoir (+$9.50)
  • Neckroll (+$11.50)

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