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To Fragrance Fine Linens in the Dryer

Bring the essence of nature into your home with Le Blanc® DryerSachets®. These beautifully decorated dryer sachets are filled with a variety of unique fragrances to lightly scent your finest fabrics while in the dryer. Your household linens will smell like they have been line-dried in the fresh outdoors.
Simply toss one sachet into the dryer with wet linens, sheets, towels and apparel. Unlike dryer sheets that only last for one dry cycle, our sachets are reusable for at least a dozen dry cycles per sachet.  Each package contains 2 sachets
Our Dryer Sachets should be used in place of traditional dryer sheets which leave an oily film on fine linens as well as causes them to pill.

PLEASE NOTE: Our main goal is to bring you a great value so the fabric cover on the Dryer Sachets are subject to change due to fabric avialability.  Be assurred that the content and function remain the same.

Le Blanc
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  • Blue Violet 
  • Lavender Lady 
  • Portfolio 
  • Summer Verbena 

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