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Intera Sandwich Pillow


So many customers have told us that they love down but they need a firm pillow.  The Intera Sandwich pillow is the answer.  A firm feather core surrounded by 575+ White Goose Down makes the pillow soft on the top and bottom but firm in the middle.  The total combined fill is 70% White Goose Feathers and 30% White Goose Down.  This pillow will give you the perfect balance of firm support with the fluffiness and softness of a Down pillow.  (Pillow ticking style may vary) The Sandwich pillow is available in the following sizes:
Standard Size (20X26):  Looks great on any size bed
Queen Size (20X30):  Fits perfectly, two across a Queen size bed – which is 60” wide
King Size (20X36):  Fits perfectly, two across a King size bed – which is 78” wide

European Size (26X26) Decorative and Great for leaning on while watching TV or Reading.

Down and Feathers
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  • Standard (+$86.00)
  • Queen (+$105.00)
  • King (+$124.00)
  • European (+$158.00)
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