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Primaloft Pillow


PrimaLoft® is incredibly soft and lightweight as well as being anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.  PrimaLoft has been proven to repel water better than any other synthetic or natural insulation.   Its unique composition, which creates an incredibly soft and comfortable insulation, was patented and PrimaLoft was then developed as a luxury alternative to down. Because of its amazing softness, ease of care, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties.  PrimaLoft is the only hypo-allergenic bedding fill that truly mimics all the luxuries of expensive down.  Made from ultra-fine microscopic fibers, PrimaLoft clusters form tiny air pockets to whisk away moisture.  (Gentle Support: This pillow is soft and NOT for anyone who likes a firm pillow.)

The PrimaLoft pillow is available in the following sizes:Standard Size (20X26):  Looks great on any size bed
Queen Size (20X30):  Fits perfectly, two across a Queen size bed – which is 60” wide
King Size (20X36):  Fits perfectly, two across a King size bed – which is 78” wide
 (Please note shell design may vary with available fabrics)

Down Lite International
In stock
  • Standard (+$24.00)
  • Queen (+$27.00)
  • King (+$31.00)

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