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Princess Alexis Pillow


Designed with luxury in mind this pillow is filled with the highest quality large cluster White Siberian Goose Down, that is hand selected from older white geese that have been raised in the colder climate of Siberia. Colder climates mean larger cluster size which ensures a high Fill Power rating of 700+.  Covered with the finest 366 Thread Count double stitched corded 100% cotton fabric.  Unique exterior baffled wall construction with a 2" gusset guarantees extra space for maximum loft for a plush supportive pillow to provide the ultimate comfort.  Princess Alexis Pillows will provide you with years of comfort.  The Princess Alexis Pillows are filled & imported from Hungary. Please have your Princess Alexis Pillows professionally dry cleaned when necessary, but not often.Standard Size (20X26):  Looks great on any size bed
Queen Size (20X30):  Fits perfectly, two across a Queen size bed – which is 60” wide
King Size (20X36):  Fits perfectly, two across a King size bed – which is 78” wide
European Square (may also be called Continental) (26X26):  Perfect on any size bed, looks great and functional for lounging against
 (Please note shell design may vary with available fabrics)

100% Siberian White Goose Down
700 Fill Power
In stock
  • Standard (+$285.00)
  • Queen (+$314.00)
  • King (+$352.00)
  • European (+$352.00)

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