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A Choice for Luxury with Down Pillows

by 4 s

When talking about luxury home design, one cannot deny that down pillows are perhaps the most exquisite bedroom items that any homeowner can have. These pillows are filled with special down feathers that provide you with a soft and comfortable feel.


Types of Pillows

When shopping for these special pillows, you may find that these items are categorized according to the fabric layers between the content and the pillow surface. In this regard, you can choose between single shell and dual shell pillows. When looking for durability, the single shell variety is considered to be less favorable option. When the pillow has fewer layers, oil and moisture from the user’s face and hair can easily penetrate through to the pillow fillings. Naturally, this directly affects the overall quality of the pillow over time. The pillows with multiple layers are much better in this regard but may also come with a higher price tag.


Down Feathers

All types of down pillows are made of special down feathers. These special feathers are found beneath the rugged, exterior feathers on the body of a duck or goose. Down feathers have special interlocking fibers and provide extra insulation for birds during cold weather. By using these special feathers on pillows, you can reap from the same interlocking fiber benefits and have the same warmth and comfort during the winter months.

 A down pillow is undeniably superior to ordinary feather pillows when it comes to quality. The ordinary variety uses the exterior feathers found on the animal’s body. Unlike down feathers, with their interlocking fibers yet soft middle quill, ordinary fathers have a more rugged and stiffer middle quill. Birds need this quality for their outer feathers since this provides extra support during flight. However, when used for pillows, ordinary feathers tend to break out of the pillow case and thus provide a less stable structure when compared to pillows using down feathers. For those finding the price of pure down feather pillows too steep, there are some varieties that combine ordinary feathers with down varieties. These are less expensive but are also less in overall quality when compared to pure down feather pillows.


 Pillow Maintenance

Special considerations should also be made when cleaning down feather pillows. You should make sure that there are no breaks in the pillow outer fabric. It is also recommended that pillow owners use either mild detergents or specially formulated cleaners for these kinds of pillows. When drying the pillows, you can either use an electric drier or hang it out to dry along your home clothes line for about a day or two. Proper drying is essential as any remaining moisture could directly affect the quality of the down feather content. Another thing to look out for is the potential for allergic reactions. With these kinds of pillows, small powdery particles from the feathers may seep out of the case and there are some individuals who may develop a sensitivity reaction. These allergen particles may be present due to improper cleaning of the feathers during production. In some cases, the allergic reaction may also result from contact with dust mites or molds. This makes proper cleaning and maintenance of down pillows an absolute necessity.


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